Shop for Sale in Capannoli


Reference 9029
Price 110.000 €
Typology Shop
Contract vendita
City Capannoli
Sq.m. 179
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

The subject of this sale is a shop located in Capannoli (PI), Via Volterrana, 185. This is a property for commercial use consisting of a large room used for sale to the public, some cold rooms of various sizes, two large rooms for laboratory use and other small ancillary rooms. The property is surrounded on three sides by a courtyard that can be used as a parking lot. The plants present are of old construction and therefore, even if functioning, would require an adaptation or reconstruction. Overall, the unit is in fairly good repair status. Property currently occupied.Commercial area: 179 m2Full ownership(CF): Sheet 20 - Particle 338 - Subordinate 1 - Category C / 1We accept bids up to a minimum value equal to 75% of the base auction price.For more information contact our Area Contact Person.Publication carried out on behalf of the Proceeding Creditor